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The message you send to your customers and clients when they enter your premises, makes an important statement about you and your business. Whether they are a first time visitor or a regular customer returning, what message do you want to send to your clients and prospects? Do dirty or tired carpets really create the impression you were looking for?

We provide the Clean With Envy service across a wide range of commercial premises and we can provide your business with the Clean With Envy advantage:

  • offices
  • restaurants
  • retail stores
  • take-away food stores
  • motels
  • entertainment venues
  • schools and kindergardens

Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Protection

Effective carpet cleaning should be an important component of your maintenance and cleaning regime.

Regular vacuuming can only go so far as it removes the surface layer of dirt. It is the deeper dirt and grime that is working its way into your carpet that with regular foot traffic, is providing permanent damage to the fibres of your carpet. By introducing an effective carpet cleaning regime appropriate to your business you will not only have cleaner and more vibrant looking carpets, but you will also extend their life and save your business money in the long run.

We can provide advice on the appropriate intervals for carpet cleaning, depending on the nature of your business. Your customers and clients will notice the difference.

Breathe new life into your carpets:

  • rejuvenate heavily trafficked areas
  • remove stains and spots
  • remove deeper set soil and grime that regular vacuuming can’t reach
  • make your carpet look visibly cleaner
  • extend your carpet’s life

We can also provide carpet protection services that can extend the periods between cleans and that will provide an effective first line of defence against the inevitable damage that can occur in heavily trafficked commercial environments.

Many carpet cleaners have a one size fits all approach to carpet cleaning. At Clean With Envy, we recognise each business is unique and different carpets and commercial premises will have different needs. We can tailor a specific approach to suit your situation. That solution could be Steam Cleaning, Bonnet (Dry Cleaning) or Encapsulation Cleaning.

Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing

Regular mopping, although vital on your tiled floors, cannot do the job you need on its own. You need a periodic commercial cleaning application that will really clean the ground in dirt and grime that inevitably accumulates on tiles and grout.

Different tile types and surfaces will attract and retain dirt and grime differently and our cleaning solutions will effectively address these different situations. No matter what your tile type, it is the grout that can really attract and retain dirt and grime. Grout is essentially a porous material. Dirt, grime, oils and spills will soak into the grout and be retained. Grout will not only have its appearance and colour changed, it will harbour many types of germs. You owe it to yourself, your staff and your customers to guard against this.

Clean With Envy, in addition to cleaning, can carry our sealing of your tiles and grout. Not all tiles require sealing and we will provide appropriate recommendations to you. Don’t be fooled into paying for sealing that isn’t necessary. Grout on the other hand should always be sealed. Remember, even if your tiles have been previously sealed, regular traffic and mopping will remove that protection over time. Tile grout will need to be replaced periodically – the frequency of this depending on your situation.

You will be amazed how an effective tile and grout clean will in many cases bring your tiles back to looking like new. Beyond that, you will be providing a cleaner and safer environment for your customers and staff.

Vinyl Floors – Cleaning, Stripping and Sealing

You can restore new life to vinyl flooring, even in heavily trafficked environments, including shops, restaurants and other commercial premises.

Through a Clean With Envy service we will clean and strip back the existing dull and scuffed surface.  With multiple layers of protective sealant chosen to suit your specific needs, we will then restore an as new shine to your flooring surface.

Your customers will notice the difference!

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning & Protection

Soiled and tired looking visitor chairs create a poor and lasting impression on your clients. That is an impression that risks losing you sales and costing you money.

Your staff are sitting on their chairs every day your business is open. It is inevitable they will become soiled and show the effects of heavy usage.

Just as with your flooring, Clean With Envy can assist your business by cleaning and rejuvenating the upholstered furniture in your office or business premises.

Ask us also about our fabric protection services.

You will create a better impression for your business and you will be saving money in the long run by extending the life of your expensive furniture.

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