Tile & Grout Cleaning

Melbourne’s South-Eastern Suburbs, the Greater Frankston Region and the Mornington Peninsula

Frankston and surrounding suburbs, Frankston South, Mt Eliza, Mornington, Mt Martha, Safety Beach, Dromana, Rosebud and the broader Mornington Peninsula

Have you had a good look at the tile & grout in your home lately? Is it looking tired, old and dirty?

Most people only notice the condition of their tile, stone, cement and other hard surfaces when they become really stained and dirty. That reflects layer upon layer of stains, bacteria, and mineral deposits that have built-up into a mess that’s almost impossible to clean on your own.

Scrubbing with over the counter preparations won’t do it and even with regular mopping beginning from the time your tiles were first laid, tiny build ups of dirt, bacteria and mould will be able to form on the surface of tiles and the grout areas that surround them.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Grout is a particular concern area as the porous nature of grout will naturally provide an environment in which these bacteria can grow and prosper. The health of your family deserves protection.

Clean With Envy can offer you an effective and economical tile cleaning option to overcome these issues.

We can restore soiled tile, concrete, natural stone, and grout to like-new brilliance in a single service visit. Clean With Envy will also remove that harmful bacteria and allergens. We can even do certain types of pool surrounds and outdoor paved areas.

The Clean With Envy Process will include:

  • An assessment of the best treatment for your tiles and grout including a discussion and firm quotation on the work before we proceed
  • Vacuuming your tiled floor area, prior to commencement to remove all loose dirt and debris
  • Protecting all furniture as required
  • Applying tile and grout cleaners appropriate to your tile surface
  • Machine scrubbing
  • A super rinse using our truck-mounted hot water extraction equipment
  • If your job requires it, application of appropriate tile &/or grout sealer
  • A post clean inspection of the results

Our services include:

- Tile and Grout Cleaning
- Grout Haze Clean-up
- Sealing and Coating Remover
- Sealing of Grout and Tiles (where appropriate)

Vinyl Floors – Cleaning, Stripping & Sealing

You can restore new life to your vinyl flooring, even in heavily trafficked door and walkways.

We will clean and strip back the existing dull and scuffed surface.  With multiple layers of protective sealant chosen to suit your specific needs, we will then restore an as new shine to your flooring surface.
You can add year of life and a great look to your floors!

Paving – Cleaning & Sealing

Your outdoor paving and driveways can also receive the Clean With Envy treatment.  With a tailored solution to suit your tile type and environment, make your outdoor paved areas look their best.  You can add $’000 to the value of your house and you’ll enjoy your outdoor entertainment more than ever!

Don’t wait for your hard surfaces to look deeply soiled and dirty, especially in your living areas, bathrooms and kitchens. Even if your hard surfaces still look clean, they’ll probably contain unseen bacteria, mould, and filth that can affect brightness and sanitation.

Do you remember what your tile & vinyl floors, bathroom tile, and tile counter tops looked like when they were new … when the grout was really clean and bright? They can look that good again!

For a free consultation and quote to discuss your Tile & Grout Cleaning needs, click here or telephone (03) 9783 3703 or 0430 671 474