Carpet Cleaning Mornington – Don’t let winter stop you

With winter upon us, should I hold off getting my carpets steam cleaned?

Not if you are using Clean With Envy!
Our process ensures we don’t over-wet your carpets, and that we extract most of the moisture during our cleaning process.  We will also schedule your job for the morning to assist with drying time.

Over-wetting of carpets can be a real problem with many operators in this industry.  Not so with Clean With Envy and the time of year won’t make a difference to what we can achieve for your carpets – a cleaner and healthier home!

And don’t be fooled by dry-clean only operators.  At Clean With Envy, we are trained and equipped to do steam or dry.  But steam (properly known as ‘hot water extraction’), carried out by a properly trained professional, will give you a better result every time, every season.  If you want to understand more, give Peter a call on 0430 671 474