Carpet Cleaning Mornington – The dangers of dodgy carpet cleaners

Take a look at what I discovered hidden under the rug of a client whose carpets I went in to clean last week…

Having recently cleaned tile and grout at Kate’s Mornington home, she brought me back in to clean her carpets and living room rug.  First thing I did was move the rug so I could vacuum and this is what I discovered.  Her past carpet cleaner, let’s call him Mr Dodgy, had cleaned her rug sitting right where it was on the carpet.  She had gone out while he worked.  Clearly he has massively over-wet the rug.  He has then left it to sit damp on top of her carpet for days to dry.  She had no idea that the carpet underneath was being destroyed.  There is no way of solving this stain problem now.

Carpet Cleaning Mornington

The outcome when you use a dodgy carpet cleaner

So what are the lessons:

- pay a little more to use a qualified professional.  They should be IICRC trained and certified and should be able to prove it.  Better still, their firm should be IICRC Certified and then you know they really are serious about doing the job properly.  Just like you get when you use Clean With Envy.

- if your carpets in the past haven’t been dry in a period of hours that day, then you have probably been using Mr Dodgy or one of his mates.  You have too much invested in your home to allow these cowboys to come in and destroy things!

After the fact is too late – get it done right the first time and make sure you don’t suffer the same fate as Kate