Carpet Cleaning Mt Martha

I rang 4 carpet cleaners. Three asked a few questions over the phone. Peter from Clean With Envy was the only one that wanted to see what he would be quoting. He arrived on time, discussed options and gave me a firm quote. Clean With Envy was professional from start to finish and the job they did was outstanding. Margaret, Mt Martha


Looking for a carpet cleaner in Mt Martha?

There are a multitude of carpet cleaners out there.  The decision as to who to choose can be daunting and the results can vary dramatically.  So how can you avoid the shonks?

1.       Look for a firm that is certified by the IICRC (Clean Trust), the only internationally recognised certification body for carpet cleaners
If the firm itself has certification, all its operators have been trained and accredited through a properly authorised certification body
They guarantee their work

2.    Beware of the carpet cleaner that focuses on the price – cheaper carpet cleans probably won’t give you what you want.  Follow to advice of Choice magazine, ‘If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

3.    Expect your carpet cleaner Mt Martha to want to visit to provide a free quote.  Many factors should determine what you pay to have your carpet cleaned and the carpet cleaner simply quoting over the phone is not able to properly assess what is involved.  Don’t be caught by their “bait & switch” tactics – they win your business by offering a great price over the phone, then upping it for all manner of “extras” after they arrive on the day