Carpet Cleaning Quotes – What to look for

Carpet Cleaning Frankston.  Carpet Cleaning Frankston South.  Carpet Cleaning Mt Eliza.  Carpet Cleaning Mornington.  Carpet Cleaning Mt Martha.

The prices you will be quoted for carpet cleaning can vary dramatically – so unfortunately, do the outcomes.

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.  Choice Magazine said it best, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

With the industry unregulated it is easy to be trapped into hiring an untrained operator, without the sort of equipment and methods that will deliver a quality cleaning outcome.  It is also very easy to be caught in the “bait & switch” tactics employed by too many of the shonky operators out there.  They quote a very low price over the phone, only to dramatically ramp it up when the operator arrives on site to do the work.

But there are some simple tips that can help protect you:

  1. Look for a firm that is a member of the Specialised Cleaning & Restoration Industry Association (SCRIA).  Members are listed on the website
  2. Look for a firm that carries “Certified Firm” status of the IICRC/Clean Trust – the one internationally recognised body for the industry.  All their operators must be trained and qualified through certified IICRC trainers – ask to see the operator’s card confirming this.  A certified firm will also be listed on the IICRC website at
  3. Expect the company to request a visit to provide you a free, no obligation written quote.  Then there will be no surprises for you or them later.
  4. Ask them about the process they will use:
    • They should insist on vacuuming the carpet themselves.  If they want you to do it first, alarm bells should be going off
    • Steam, or Hot Water Extraction as it is more formally known is the best method.
    • Have they discussed specific stains and how they intend to handle them.  Oil based stains require different approaches.  Pet stains are different again.  If the person quoting cannot confidently explain the processes they use and how they are going to specifically handle your situation, they aren’t the professional you need.
  5. Be very wary of websites offering to deliver you multiple quotes simply by filling out an online form.  The companies advertising on these sites tend to be very price driven.  Shop around for quotes by all means.  But do your own homework, understand what you are being quoted and select who you want to receive a quote from.

There are plenty of people with carpet cleaning horror stories.  The cheap price sounded like a good idea at the time.  You have plenty invested in your carpets.  Saving a few dollars on a clean can quickly lead to damaged carpets, a shortened carpet life, or at the very least, carpet that just isn’t clean and your money wasted.

Protect your investment.  Expect to pay a fair price by using a qualified and certified professional and enjoy the guarantee of service that accompanies these industry leaders.