Mt Martha Tile & Grout Cleaning

Have your Mt Martha Tile & Grout Cleaning looking as good as the day it was laid.

I was at a very nice house the other day on the border between Mt Martha and Mornington.  They had ceramic tiles in their entry, hallways, kitchen, through all their informal living areas and naturally in the service areas of their bathrooms and laundry.  Clearly the owners are very house proud and so they should be.  It was clear that these people like and enjoy a clean and tidy home.  What was driving them to distraction however, was the grout lines throughout the house.

They have used steamers, they’ve used mops of all imaginable shapes and materials and yet, like most people, their grout lines were dark and unsightly.  On the weekend before I arrived, they had spent hours on their knees, even resorting to a toothbrush, trying to attack their “grotty” grout lines.  Worst of all, the result was patchy at best and the area they covered wasn’t much more than 10% of the whole tiled area.  I’m not sure how much they were exaggerating, but they said they had spent the best part of a day and a half trying to get the grout lines cleaned!

After seeing the results I could achieve using our high pressure equipment, they had some mixed emotions…  great excitement that their floors and showers looked “as good as the day they were laid” on one hand, and just a little bit of irritation with themselves about having “lost a weekend we’ll never get back” on the other.

The key is, you don’t need to live with the unsightly mess of grotty grout lines and you don’t have to trash your knees and back trying to solve it.  Whether your tiles are ceramic or natural stone, Clean With Envy can provide the right advice on the cleaning solution for your Mt Martha Tile & Grout Cleaning.  We can also provide advice on the appropriateness of sealing your tile and grout for ease of future cleaning.