Spring 2012


Welcome to the first edition of Clean With Envy News.

To be published quarterly, we aim to give you info, tips on cleaning and the opportunity to win prizes and more.  In this first issue, you have 3 chances to win with prizes valued at $535!  So read on!

It’s time to book a Spring Clean

With spring arriving, it is time to shake off those winter blues and get your home ready for the warmer months.  Clean With Envy can help you with your spring clean.  Here’s how…

  • Driveways and outdoor paved areas are all feeling the effects of a long, damp winter.  A high pressure Clean With Envy service can restore a great fresh look to your property with clean driveways and paved entertaining areas.
  • Vinyl floors can often come up like new with our Strip and Re-seal service
  • Tile and grout lines in particular, even with regular cleaning will get grotty over time.  Grout is porous and it will retain dirt and stains.  It doesn’t have to look like that and you don’t need to lose your weekends to back and knee-breaking work that still doesn’t get you the look you want.  Just ask Clean With Envy for a no obligation free quote
  • Carpets, upholstery and mattresses can all be freshened up with the Clean With Envy treatment!

Clean driveways look great and add $’000′s to the value of your home

Paving & Driveways cleaned

Get rid of the remnants of a long wet winter with our high pressure clean – call us to arrange a free, no obligation quote.

From Puppy, With Love

We all love our dogs.  But often, with the territory comes the occasional puppy accident.

How you clean them up will affect the health of your home and the appearance and life of your carpets.  The puppy accident can’t always be avoided.  The lasting damage can.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • Without effective treatment, your carpet may surface dry, but what about the underlay and sub-floor?  As urine dries, it will evaporate to the surface, bringing bacteria and odour back with it.
  • Also as it dries, it will bleach your carpet and once that happens, staining is permanent and no carpet cleaner can solve that.
  • Shop bought solutions will treat only the surface with varying degrees of success, but they will not get to the real heart of the problem and will not give you a lasting result
  • The only way of effectively treating urine stains in carpet is to fully flush and extract the affected areas using an appropriate anti-bacterial and odour-removal process, ahead of a proper steam (hot water extraction) cleaning process.  A Carpet dry cleaner cannot achieve the deep, penetrating cleaning results that a proper steam clean will achieve

What to do:

  • when it happens, use plain white paper towels and pressure to soak up as much moisture as possible
  • Call Peter at Clean With Envy, so the problem can be removed properly first time and before permanent damage is done to your carpet
    • We will use a moisture detection device to determine just how far the urine has spread to ensure we treat all the affected areas
    • We will then flush the carpet and underlay and carry out a proper carpet clean.

So love your puppy, but let Clean With Envy solve those little accidents the right way, first time.

How Often Should I Get My Carpets Cleaned?

A puppy accident, a red wine calamity or a food spill will often be the catalyst for calling in a carpet cleaner.  But outside of those ‘events’, I am often asked, “How often should I get my carpets cleaned?”

A Healthy Home or Office

The industry association’s recommendation is that about once every year is probably best.  So given that many people wait, sometimes for many years, why that level of frequency?

  • often it is the dirt you can’t see that is causing the most damage.  Fine soils, grit, oils etc sitting amongst the fibres of your carpet cause an abrasive action that will damage carpet fibre, simply through the day-to-day traffic on your floors.  Even with regular vacuuming you will not remove all the damage causing soils
  • for many types of carpet staining – traffic stains, filtration lines around doorways etc, the longer you leave them, the more ingrained they become and the greater the likelihood they will never be removed
  • carpets are a significant investment in your home or office.  A regular, professional carpet clean will protect that investment and save you money in the long term
  • research shows carpeted rooms are typically healthier and easier to keep clean than rooms with hard surfaces like timber, tile etc.  Carpet acts as a filter, trapping dirt and dust that would otherwise keep circulating in the air.  But as with all filters, from time to time you need to clean the filter to keep it functioning properly.  You clean the filter of your pool, or the one in your clothes dryer.  Well Clean With Envy can keep your carpet ‘filter’ clean and hygienic as well.

So clean carpets, mean a healthier environment for you and those important to you.  At the same time, a Clean With Envy service is a bit like an insurance policy to protect your flooring and furniture investment.

Clean With Envy - Call Us Because We Care

The Clean With Envy Difference:

  • We care about our client’s property as much as they do
  • We guarantee our work
  • We are independently trained and certified (IICRC/Clean Trust) in all aspects of the work we do
  • We are members of the Specialised Cleaning & Restoration Industry Association (SCRIA)

Clean With Envy is passionate about delivering a quality outcome for its clients.  Not everyone in this industry shares that passion and commitment.  We would love it if you could help us to get our message out to as many of your friends and colleagues as possible.  We do both residential and commercial work.  Please feel free to forward on this newsletter!

Win this make up brush set

Your chance to win!

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A healthier home, office and YOU!

More chances to win..

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